Question by Deborah: How can I stop my Black Walnut tree from producing nuts?
I’ve just installed a top of the line, fully insulated garage door to replace my old wooden door. Next to our driveway is a beautiful Black Walnut tree. Much to our dismay, the walnuts are falling and have placed two dents in my new door. I’ve already paid more than $ 200 to replace one of the panels and now another one is dented. Keeping the nut producing tree is not an option and it’s not ok to have it keep depting my door. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Dowlinggram
There is no way to keep a tree from making seeds or in your case nuts. As long as the tree is there it will keep denting your door with falling nuts. Time to make a decision the tree and dents or no tree and a perfect door. If you do decide to cut down the tree the wood is expensive and prized by cabinet makers. You could probably pay to get the taken down and have money in your pocket with the wood from the tree

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