Question by Dinoo Radoo: How do I create a DIY garage door panel insulation?
The stores nearby aren’t selling those ready-made garage door insulation panels so I am looking for a safe DIY solution… Can someone tell me one? I have heard you tin make it with styrofoam boards?

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Answer by Steve D
With the insulating board made from fiberglass and aluminum. They cut with a box knife and you can glue or tape them to the door panels. Garage doors do not insulate well. If you do a good job cutting the board you won’t have any gaps but those can be sealed with spray foam. Us a strait edge to cut your lines. Like a long metal ruler. But if this door is travelled to be used you will have cracks where air will go in and unwrap. If you come up with at way to retrofit a door to close those seams and still be able to use the door you could make a fortune.

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